1. Pre-Qualification

Preliminary electronic pre-screening questionnaire with high level details allowing the PIP to establish the prospect’s eligibility and suitability for a scheme of arrangement. This may be completed remotely or in person with the prospective client.



2. Debtor Validation

Integrated validation/due diligence of prospective clients free of charge (subject to reasonable usage) through StubbsGazette Credit Bureau. Investigate for identity, directorships, judgments and other pertinent information. Optional intensive asset tracing and other checks as required as appropriate for high-value debtors.


3. White-labelled documents

Templates of all the necessary documents for both DSA and PIA capable of being branded/customized according to PIP requirements. We have engaged a firm of solicitors to supply us with templates for those documents where there is no precise format mandated by the ISI.



4. Prescribed Financial Statement

The PFS is the core DNA of any arrangement application. It is the formal document prescribed by the ISI and is in a standard fixed format. PIPX’s PFS module corresponds precisely with the ISI format and on completion will seamlessly transmit to the ISI’s database.


5. Diary/Task Management

Our calendar system allows you to manage your daily tasks and events with our interactive calendar function. Schedule tasks with a simple drag and drop and see full coverage of your required PIP tasks in a daily, weekly or monthly view.



6. Timesheets

Our Timesheets allow you to record the time spent on a case and run reports to view the amount of hours an individual has worked on a particular case.



 7. Banking and Payments

Under the regulations the PIP is obliged to create a separate bank account for the purpose of managing debtor client payments and creditor disbursements. PIPx enables you to integrate with this bank account and provides you with full coverage of all monetary transactions. Our banking module enables you to quickly generate the relevant (SEPA ready) direct debit files for integration with the bank and the relevant (SEPA ready) credit transfer files



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