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PIPx is the latest initiative from the StubbsGazette stable.

cms/02_illustrations_200.pngPIPx clients will have rights to a dedicated URL on the PIPx platform in the style This domain and all subdomains will be populated with all records and documents applicable to the pursuit of the customer’s business as a Personal Insolvency Practitioner. is an online directory of all qualified PIPs who have engaged PIPx as their insolvency platform and who have elected to be included. is designed to improve visibility of its members in terms of online search.  Ongoing PPC advertising and SEO strategies have ensured the site is designed with the objective of appearing at the top of natural search listings. Prospective client searches can be routed to PIPs on a geographic basis by way of an interactive map. PIPs appearing on may include a narrative and image describing their service.


Benefits of PIPx Microsite

1. The SEO Advantage

Every PIPx microsite is actually its own website, therefore it has its own one of a kind URL.  Having your own unique Personal Insolvency microsite means debtor clients can find your site faster and easier which is an advantage in search engine optimisation. 

2. A clear path

Your PIPx microsite provides a more focused and clearer presentation of your Personal Insolvency service, compared to a larger website.  It is a perfect online tool for leading people to a specific call to action, which in this case is debtor registration. Without the distractions of a bunch of other products, your customer can be better able to filter what they need to do more quickly.

3. Branding

Personal Insolvency is a new service with a new target market so you will want it to stand out. Having your very own microsite will help in this aspect. It’s an effective branding tool to give your new Personal Insolvency service its very own website, even if it’s just a page or two. 


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