cms/03_illustrations_200.pngPIPx is offering its clients the option to subscribe to our banking module whilst supervising their own cases.

Under the regulations the PIP is obliged to create a separate bank account for the purpose of managing debtor client payments and creditor disbursements.

PIPx enables you to integrate with this bank account and provides you with full coverage of all monetary transactions.

PIPx enables you to quickly generate the relevant (SEPA ready) direct debit files for integration with the bank.

PIPx also enables you to quickly create the relevant (SEPA ready) credit transfer files.


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NURSES and teachers are taking sabbaticals from their public service jobs to go bankrupt in the UK, the Sunday Independent has learned.

James Treacy: It's time to accept that for many, their financial situation is hopeless

Back in March last year 'StubbsGazette', in association with Red C, conducted the most comprehensive survey to date of the state of personal insolvency in Ireland.

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